Your package will be delivered in either a large postal envelope, a medium or large box or a tube depending on the type of product that you have ordered.  You are not required to be present for the delivery of the package.  You will receive a tracking number via email upon shipment.  Please use this tracking number to make sure you are available to receive the package when it arrives.  We are not responsible for any packages that get lost after delivery.   


Additional insurance can be purchased for the packages by selecting the insurance package in our list of products.  Purchased insurance covers only packages that are lost before delivery.  Insurance does not cover any packages that are lost after delivery.  In the event that a package gets lost before delivery and you have purchased insurance through our cart, we will pursue USPS on your behalf for settlement and when that settlement is favorable, either refund your money or send you a replacement item(s).

If your package gets lost before delivery, and you have not purchased insurance, then USPS insures packages for up to 50 US Dollars.  In the event that your package does not arrive and you have not purchased insurance, you are responsible for checking with USPS and settling with them for the standard free insurance we have placed on that lost package on your behalf through USPS.  You may then use the money you have received in settlement to purchase a new item(s).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email.

Thank you,

Team Earth Flag